Which Window Style is Right for Your Home?

Trying to find the right windows for your home? With so many options out there, it can be tricky to decide on one type. Should they swing, slide, feature a view? Ultimately, the type of windows you choose should fit your home’s architectural features, your needs specific to the room, and provide energy efficiency. Let’s take a look at some popular window styles:

Traditional Windows

Awning windows

Awning is a popular window style used in many homes today. It’s hinged at the top and swings out, allowing you to leave it open during the rain. You can easily open and shut these windows by turning a handle. They provide great ventilat...

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Benefits of Bay Windows


When it comes to window replacement or choosing a window for a new home, there are a number of designs that homeowners can opt for. However, when it comes to practicality and aesthetics, bay windows are one of the most preferred designs. There are, however, many benefits to bay windows beside the aesthetic aspect that they add to your homespace.

Here are 7 of their main benefits:

Make rooms appear larger

Since bay windows project outwards, it can add up to 3 feet or more of additional floor space – depending on your design. Additionally, since they let the light in from three different dire...

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