Benefits of Bay Windows


When it comes to window replacement or choosing a window for a new home, there are a number of designs that homeowners can opt for. However, when it comes to practicality and aesthetics, bay windows are one of the most preferred designs. There are, however, many benefits to bay windows beside the aesthetic aspect that they add to your homespace.

Here are 7 of their main benefits:

Make rooms appear larger

Since bay windows project outwards, it can add up to 3 feet or more of additional floor space – depending on your design. Additionally, since they let the light in from three different directions and protrude from the outer wall, it creates an illusion of the wall being even further away than it actually is. The additional space afforded by bay windows makes them ideal for lounges, study rooms, foyers, breakfast nooks or utility rooms.

Add value to home

Bay windows add a high aesthetic appeal to both the interior and exterior of your home. Since they go well with any type of architecture or style, it makes them instantly appealing to prospective homeowners and buyers. On the outside, the home gets a clean, modern feel, while on the inside, the increased space and design adds to the elegance of the overall home design. In short, the bay window can add character to a plain home-front, making it the perfect pull for buyers and real estate agents, alike.

Create functional space

The additional space created by a bay window can be put to a whole range of practical uses. They can be turned into an additional sitting or reading area in your living room or lounge, a space for a mini-garden to grow fruits, herbs and vegetables for your kitchen or a banquette-style dining nook.

Increased storage space

The installation of bay windows creates a handy storage space beneath the bench created by the sill. This space can be handily used to build shelves and drawers for storage. The bench can be either lifted to access the storage space or opened from the front. They can be used as a linen drawer, toy shelf/storage or bookshelf depending on the room the window is in.

Enhances ventilation

Bay windows are made up of double-hung windows, which make them better than traditional windows for ventilation purposes. They allow the air to flow in from two different directions, which can keep homes cool during hot summer days. The amount of air coming into the room can be controlled by adjusting the individual windows.

Allows natural light and enhances the view

Since bay windows are made out of three or more fitted panels, they allow the light to come into the room from three different angles. This makes the room appear brighter and open. The windows also afford a panoramic view – ideal for second-storey windows. Some homeowners also convert the space into a walkout balcony.

In addition to all the above benefits, bay windows are energy-efficient – a plus for energy-conscious homeowners who care about their carbon footprint. Bay windows may generally be a more expensive investment compared to other window types, but the advantages afforded by them makes them worth the investment.

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